why medical records should include patients’ sexual orientation

if i was a them i wooudent help share to have a kid for someone because wat about if when i wanna see the kid i have they dont let me see it or what about if the son asks ho is the dad or mom what are they goanna tell him if his goanna be to small to understand that there parents are gay or lesbian. so i wouldent have for soemone else a kid.







5 thoughts on “why medical records should include patients’ sexual orientation

  1. I agree with you samantha because its sad to explain that to a little kid about lesbian and gays. If i were gay i would personally think about that long & hard because i could mess up a child mind

    • yeah becasue i wouldent like to talk about them about ma gender how everything happen is to much to answer lol and to much info for da little kid to answer 🙂

  2. I agree with both of you. It is hard to explain to a child. I also think its unfair to everyone, bc some people might not want to open up to the child for their protection, the child will not know where he came from, and the other peple might not see that child ever again. BUT hey, maybe theirs a way to work it out; but i think that they are slim.

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